TUweb LTE Internet

If you live off the beaten path, are constantly on the go, or just simply
don’t want to sign a contract to get reliable internet, we can help you!

TUweb LTE Internet

If you live off the beaten path, are constantly on the go, or just simply
don’t want to sign a contract to get reliable internet, we can help you!

New TUWeb VSIM Hybrid Internet

  • New TUWeb VSIM Plans are NOT carrier-specific.
  • The TUWeb VSIM device picks the tower with the strongest signal nearby and locks on it.
  • Prices for the plans do not change from carrier/tower.
  • Up to 32 devices can connect at a time.
  • TUWeb VSIM technology does NOT require a SIM card, so changing plans is super easy with no SIM cards to swap!

TUWeb VSIM Plans and Pricing

TUWeb SIM Card Plans

Lightning Fast LTE Internet Solution

TUweb offers LTE Internet solutions that use the major cell phone carriers’ cell towers, with data packages ranging from 100 GB to 1000 GB per month. All plans come with no contract.  And if you have an LTE modem, contact us to see if it will work with our plans. That way you can avoid having to buy a new modem! PLEASE NOTE that these plans work perfectly with most Gotw3 and Nomad modems!!

Unlimited Data is not always Unlimited Data

PLEASE BE WARY of anyone advertising an unlimited data LTE internet plan. Most likely, it is a plan which is throttled down greatly after the fast data is gone or is a tablet plan that has been manipulated. If it is the latter, the line will be shut down when the carrier catches this in an audit. At TUweb, we do NOT represent that any of our plans are Unlimited. However, some of our plans do have unlimited throttled data after the fast data is used up. All of our plans listed below show the fast data. Unless otherwise noted, the plans will stop working after the fast data is used until the data cycle resets.

TUWeb SIM Card Plans and Pricing

ALL plans sold by TUweb come from authorized wholesalers and are approved by the individual carriers.
Plans with Static IP available. Contact us for details.

Super Fast

Introducing Carriers aggregated modems, with SUPER FAST speeds, up to 5 times faster than our original modems!!         

$299.00  (with activation of TUweb service) 


C4R400 and Gten Series Modems

New Modems $99.00 –  Refurbished $50.00

1. Look at the plan selections, and find the plan that you think best meets your needs. Call or email us, so that we can check your address and other factors to help match you with the best plan for where you live and what you will be using your internet for.

2. IF you already have a modem, we will collect the first month’s fee, set up recurring billing, and program your modem to work with our service.  If you live close by, we can do all this in the store. If not, we can mail you the appropriate SIM card for your modem and talk you through programing your modem over the phone (takes about 5 minutes)

If you need a modem, we have them for $135.00 plus tax and shipping. Shipping is $10.00 nationwide. We will take care of programming the modem before mailing it.

3. Once you get home, just plug it into electricity and you have Wi-Fi!

If you are not happy with this service for any reason, you have 7 days from the day you receive it to contact us and cancel. We will immediately refund the first month’s service. You then have 30 days to return the modem to us for a full refund, minus shipping. If you wish to try another service, you may keep the modem and we will set you up with a different plan/carrier. You will again have 7 days to evaluate and cancel for a refund if not happy.

TUweb is a service of Totally Unwired, located in Ruston, La.  We are family-owned and have been in the Satellite and Internet business for 22 years!  We also do smartphone repair and micro soldering.  We are located at 1319 N. Vienna St., in Ruston, La. 71270.  We can be reached at 318-513-2500.
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