Data Recovery!

You don’t realize just how precious and irreplaceable pictures and contact information on your phone are until your phone suddenly won’t come on anymore. Whether it’s baby pictures or wedding photos, everyone has something on their phone that is special to them. Also, once you have dropped your phone in the bathtub, that is when you realize just how few phone numbers you actually know by heart!

At Fixmysmartphone, we can breathe life back into your phone and get that data back! We accept devices for data recovery by mail from all over the globe.

Your salvaged data will be placed on a USB drive in three folders:
A) Folder containing Contact information
B) Folder containing Media (Photos, Images, VIdeos)
C) Folder containing Itunes Backup File of all your data, which can be restored to any IOS Phone.

We charge a flat $200.00 for data recovery on all iPhones and iPads, plus $8.00 return shipping (in US.) If you have an Android device needing data recovery, call us at 318-513-2500 or email us for a quote. And if we can’t retrieve the data, there is NO CHARGE to you! There is, however a $20 fee to reassemble the unfixable phone and an $8.00 return shipping fee (in US.)
Click Button Below and complete the information sheet. Print the completed sheet and include it with your device when you package it. Be sure to indicate what is known about the device (what is it doing, what happened to it, did it fall into the water, has there been any attempt to repair it.)


Step 1

Click START YOUR REPAIR and fill in the appropriate fields. 


Step 2

Print out the message or email you receive and follow packing instructions.


Step 3

Make sure to give us good contact information so we can send you an estimate.


Step 4

Ship the device to us and wait for us to contact you.

start your repair!

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