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Broken or Cracked Glass

Do you have a cracked screen, or is the digitizer not responding correctly? We offer fast and efficient repair service on iPhone glass. At Totally Unwired, we can put a brand new glass/digitizer on any of your iPhone models in around 30 minutes. We warranty the parts and labor against manufacturer defects on all new iPhone glass replacements!!


The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) frequently cracks or breaks on the iPhone. If you are in need of LCD/screen repair on your iPhone, we can take care of it in around 25-30 minutes and all new LCD’s include warranty as well.

Although you cannot remove the battery like on older phones, iPhones do have replaceable batteries. Today’s lithium ion batteries will die over time. Water damage, overuse, and time can all be factors in destroying battery life. If you are experiencing battery issues on your iPhone, the battery might need to be replaced.

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